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Resources: organizations.

Screen Strong Logo

ScreenStrong is a member-based organization that offers a number of resources, goods, and services.  These include a private online forum, a 30-day digital detox plan, local groups, podcasts, monthly newsletters, a subscription-based education library, and paid courses for families and kids.  It also hosts periodic meetings and conferences.

Digitial Wellness Logo

The Digital Wellness Institute is largely devoted to helping workplaces and schools/colleges with assessment of digital wellness levels and tools for improving it. Assessment is done with tools such as an employee lifecycle listening system to help understand burnout, attrition, productivity, and digital overwhelm. Digital wellness certification training is available for managers. DWI also offers a Digital Flourishing Survey to assess an individual's relationship with digital devices.

Wait Until 8th Logo

Wait Until 8th is an organization dedicated to helping families have a healthy relationship with technology. It advocates for waiting until at least 8th grade before children are given a smartphone. The idea is to minimize the potential for harm done by ceaseless distraction, impaired sleep, cell phone addiction, cyber bullying, and behavioral and social disruption. 

Log Off Logo

LOG OFF is a youth-led organization committed to helping kids, teens, and young people build healthy relationships with social media and online platforms. It does this with a multi-pronged approach – resource development and distribution, our online community, and creative campaigning.

Parenthood Ventures logo

Parenthood Ventures is an ecosystem for early stage ParentTech: startups building scalable products and services for parents, from their fertility journey to navigating teens; from apps to connected devices to subscription boxes; mental health to entertainment. Their program is committed to diversity, which means they align with companies solving the needs of families of all forms and needs.