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Connect with people actively looking for things to do! No upfront commitment.

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Data shows that excessive screen time is a major contributor to loneliness, lack of self-esteem, and depression. To learn more about the problem, the solution, and our marketplace, click here.

The DoCurious marketplace will be launching soon, so we’re looking for businesses (big or small) that sell goal-oriented challenges (GOCs) and experiences.

It’s a win-win. Grow your audience and create life-long customers, while joining the #EscapeScreens movement to help people break free from screens and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Download our Challenge Provider sell sheet.

We will be launching soon! t's easy & free to become a challenge provider. Click here to register today!  

Joining the solution attracts motivated customers seeking new experiences, skill development, and a constant sense of achievement. Enjoy customer loyalty and contribute to a better world.

Benefits for challenge providers:

- Early recognition for reducing screen time.
- One-year discounted pricing.
- Free consultation for unique goal-oriented challenges (GOCs).
- Free promotion on DoCurious marketplace, social channels, newsletter, and PR.
- No upfront costs; pay a nominal fee only when a challenge is purchased.
 - Gain insights into user behavior, preferences, and trends for informed business decisions.
 - Access our efficient tech stack, booking system, and user management tools to save time and resources.

We’ve just started to actively intake goal-oriented challenges. To join the provider community, fill out the form above!


SportsEdTV’s mission is to offer everyone a better chance of achieving their sports dreams and learning the life lessons sports teaches so they can make the world a better place.


The mission at The Adventure Challenge is to explore outside your habits, dive deeper into connection, and create meaningful memories.


At Heirloom Ceramic Studios, the mission is to create an exceptional, education-focused art space that nurtures creativity and personal growth. 


The mission at yogaRIOT is to cause a ruckus in your being, to disrupt the status quo of your movement routines, and to create space for you to step into your biggest, most powerful self.

Wildcat Hobby

Wildcat Hobby offers a variety of welding, metal work, and woodworking classes depending on your level of experience.


Hula Hālau helps people experience the rich culture of Hawaii through hula dance instruction and educational events ONLINE classes and in-person. 


Acting for Kids & Teens nurtures your child’s love for acting. We empower children every day to find their unique voice, fostering not just acting skills but also boosting their confidence and essential life skills. 


Hour to Midnight is Portland's Premier Escape Room Facility. If you're looking for something exciting to do in Portland Oregon with friends, family, or colleagues, book a room and live the experience that is sweeping the globe!