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Looking for Customer Support? 

We want to make sure you have the best possible experience. Basic FAQs can be found below. If you still have questions, please contact us at

Challenge Provider FAQs
How do I create a business account?

Join our mission, and help make people happier! If you are a small and medium business who offers challenges and are interested in being our partner, simply go to our Provider page to sign up as a business. The sign up is simple and easy. Once you have registered, you'll be ready to create and promote your challenges to active challenge doers.

How do I create a new challenge?

Once you set up your business account and have completed onboarding, you can create unlimited challenges for each of your locations. Go to our dashboard and click on "Challenges" to create new challenges. Our self-service tool provides step-by-step instructions that will utilize all of your challenge details and then publishes it for users to view and buy.   

How do I get paid?

Firstly, ensure that your Stripe payout method is set up. Please visit the Stripe support page for step-by-step instructions. Then go to your DoCurious dashboard and click on connect payment type to connect your stripe account. Its as simple as that.