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The secret to happiness is not really a secret.

Completing (GOCs) goal-oriented challenges gives you a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of control, and a great way to meet people— to lead a happy, productive, satisfying life. It’s science! Oh, and it’s fun.

The problem. Screens. 

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It’s in the news every day, and it probably happens in your own home— young people across the world are spending too much time on their devices, and it is taking its toll on their mental health.

The solution: GOCs.

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We help young people reduce screen time by using the same techniques as video games. Real-life, goal-oriented challenges (GOCs) lead to higher levels of satisfaction and happiness.

Our curated marketplace. 

We’ve created the world’s 1st marketplace, curated by psychologists and doctors, and filled with goal-oriented challenges which are proven to increase sense of belonging, accomplishment, and happiness.

It’s a one-stop-shop to find and book a wide variety of challenges which touch every aspect of human endeavor, at every skill level, at every price point, and in most locations.

Hosted challenges are provided by independent vendors with the expertise, staff, and facilities to bring challenges to life. Autonomous challenges can be done at home on your own schedule.

  • Save time: Eliminate hours hunting for fun things to do.
  • Strengthen bonds:  Share quality time with those you love. 
  • Create memories: Build stories that stand the test of time.
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