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Easily find, book & conquer fun things to do!

Did you know 70% of young people say it’s extremely difficult to find fun, challenging activities they’d feel proud to accomplish? That’s a big problem especially when screen scrolling is usually the default.

Our marketplace, will offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family! Challenges are curated by psychologists and doctors and are focused on increasing satisfaction and happiness! To learn more about the problem, the solution, and our marketplace, click here.

Choose from several goal-oriented challenges (GOCs), such as cooking classes, surf lessons, horse riding, treasure hunting, dancing lessons, snowboarding, zip lining, escape rooms, kayaking, rock climbing, hot air ballooning, archery, pottery, building workshops, etc.

We've launched in the Portland area. If you live in a different region, sign up to become a future doer. 

Can’t wait to accomplish challenges and feel happier? Fill out the form to be notified when your market is live!

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