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What exactly is a goal-oriented challenge? It’s a task with a fixed goal that is neither too easy nor too difficult for the person undertaking it. For a deeper dive, download our “What’s a Goal-Oriented Challenge” explanation here?

How do I sign up as a vendor or provider on the platform? Just create a vendor account, set up your profile, create a challenge.

How do I create a challenge? There are a few easy steps to follow: select a category, upload photos or video and a compelling description, set pricing, specify the number of spots available, dates and times, any participation limits, and any discounts or rewards. Once approved, your challenge goes live!

What kinds of activities are suitable for DoCurious? We welcome nearly all types of goal-oriented challenges. Challenges that have doers reach new levels of achievement work well and brings them back to you. Some folks offer a mix of beginner and advanced challenges to do this. Just let us know if you need help developing a challenge.

What types of activities are NOT suitable for DoCurious? We require that all challenges be goal-oriented, safe, age-appropriate, and have most relevant activity carried out in the “real world” as opposed to entirely on screen. Submitted challenges should also be generally non-controversial and non-political. (We reserve the right to refuse to approve and/or platform any challenge submitted for any reason.)

What information will I need to register as a Challenge Host? Of course, we’ll need your standard business information like name, address, contacts, and location so we can set up your account and people can find you. We’ll also need banking/payment details and tax identification number so you can get paid. If you’re a small or new business physically hosting in-person challenges, we may also require a background check.

Are there fees associated with listing my activity on DoCurious? Posting your challenge requires no upfront costs. We charge a nominal commission on each challenge purchased on the platform. However, we do incentive hosts with discounts based on a number of different factors including the number of challenges they provide our Doers.

Can I set my own prices for the challenges I list? Absolutely. Consider your costs, fees, and anticipated profit margin.

Can I offer free challenges on DoCurious? Yes, you can. However, DoCurious will generally charge challenge participants a modest ticketing fee to cover our costs for listing, marketing, and managing the challenge on our platform.

What kind of support and assistance do you provide to providers? Our Challenge consultants can help you navigate the challenge process and best practices. Just reach out to our customer service and request assistance.

How do customers book and pay for their challenges? Doers can book and pay for challenges in the DoCurious app. Once booked, they will receive confirmation.

Is there a review and rating system for challenge providers and activities? Yes. We encourage challenge participants to share their experiences with others.

Can I customize the appearance and branding of my listings? Yes. You can upload assets to the platform and brand your challenges within our guidelines.

How do I manage my activity availability and schedule? You can easily track and edit challenges on your dashboard.

Can I offer special promotions or discounts? Of course. We encourage incentives to attract Doers through promotions, discounts, merch, and participation levels.

How do you handle customer inquiries, complaints, and cancellations? We work with the users and providers to reach the best possible outcomes. Get assistance.

What kind of marketing and promotion do you provide for challenges? We have multiple marketing touch points including social media, newsletters, and influencers.

Do you provide analytics or reports on customer behavior and activity performance? Yes. You can see how you’re doing with data and analytics right in your dashboard.

Is there a limit to how many challenges I can post? Nope. The sky’s the limit. We encourage multiple challenges and levels for a wider range of people to participate.

Can I list activities in multiple locations or regions? Sure. DoCurious is a global platform. You can host activities in multiple locations making it easier for Doers to find your challenge in their area.