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Do GOCs.

Goal-oriented challenges involve specific activities or experiences with well-defined requirements. These challenges come with clear objectives that participants aim to achieve using their skills, intellect, and/or physical abilities, making it evident when they are successfully accomplished. They are thoughtfully designed to be neither too easy nor too difficult, aligning with the participant's skill level and capabilities. 

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Examples range from simpler tasks like walking a specific distance, giving a speech, or completing a task within a set time limit, to more complex undertakings such as welding a table or obtaining a private pilot's license. Engaging in these challenges demands focused effort and dedication, offering a refreshing break from the constant digital stimuli. Immersing oneself in a meaningful challenge redirects attention away from screens, fostering a healthier life balance.


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Not all activities qualify as GOCs.

Each GOC must have a measurable goal that directly utilized the participants’ skills and abilities to achieve a positive outcome. It must prioritize that participant’s health and safety. It depend on the actions of the challenger rather than luck. It focuses on personal improvement rather than competition against others.

Lessons and GOCs often have much in common; the key difference is that each GOC has a fixed, measurable goal, while lessons are often more open-ended. GOCs are unique in their ability to generate engagement, accomplishment, satisfaction, and pride in those who complete them. They can also strengthen relationships, as many close bonds are formed through overcoming challenges together.

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Hosted vs. autonomous challenges.

DoCurious marketplace features two distinct types of challenges: hosted challenges and autonomous challenges.

Hosted challenges involve direct interaction between challenge providers and participants in real-life settings. Autonomous challenges can be done without direct contact.

Hosted challenges often take place in private venues with the necessary resources, while autonomous challenges can be completed at home or in public venues without direct vendor-challenger interaction.

Want to offer a GOC of your own? 

To offer challenges in the DoCurious marketplace, you must do so as a business entity, either for-profit or non-profit.

Providers of hosted challenges must pass a background check and have liability insurance. All challenge providers must comply with any applicable federal, state, or local licensing, certification, and/or legal requirements. Please fill out the form to schedule a 15 minute demo.