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DoCurious Beta Marketplace Now Live In Portland, OR


[Portland, OR - May 2, 2024] - DoCurious, the innovative online marketplace dedicated to fostering curiosity and exploration, is excited to announce the launch of its Beta desktop marketplace in Portland, Oregon. “After years of collaboration with leading psychologists, doctors, and researchers to better understand, characterize, and correct the problems that screen use is posing to the mental health of millions of people worldwide, this achievement signifies a pivotal moment in our mission”, said Doug Perednia, CEO of DoCurious. “Our mission extends beyond merely curbing detrimental screen time; it aims to engage individuals in enriching, real-world activities scientifically proven to foster a sense of belonging, achievement, and joy”. 

With the release of its desktop marketplace, DoCurious aims to connect users with a diverse range of real-life, curated experiences that shift people away from screens and into goal-oriented challenges. The marketplace offers a one-stop-shop which makes it easy for people to find and book a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family. Conquer missions involving cooking, water sports, riding, exploration, dancing, snow sports, rope courses, escape rooms, climbing, archery, welding, pottery, building, martial arts, and more. 

"While our desktop marketplace is just the beginning, we're thrilled to provide users in Portland with a platform to explore and connect with a curated selection of challenges," said Perednia. "As we continue to grow, we look forward to expanding our offerings and introducing exciting new challenges in every category imaginable, in every community, at every price point." In addition to the desktop marketplace, DoCurious is actively developing a mobile app to further enhance the user experience and enable exploration on the go. 

DoCurious invites both challenge seekers and challenge providers (local businesses that want to offer curated goal-oriented challenges) in Portland to join the community and embrace the spirit of curiosity. To learn more about the science behind how goal-oriented challenges help overcome adverse screen time effects, or to signup for the marketplace, visit



The world’s 1st marketplace, curated by psychologists and doctors, and filled with goal-oriented challenges which are scientifically proven to diminish detrimental screen time while enhancing feelings of belonging, achievement, and happiness.


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Jaimie Kowalski

Chief Marketing Officer